"Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there." - John Wooden

Athletes give countless hours, significant funds and relentless support to outstanding charitable organizations across the country and around the globe. However, the headlines often highlight their negative choices and legal troubles. Athletesgive.com, a free global portal of athlete community service events and programs with no subscription, submission, posting and back-end fees whatsoever, shifts the focus from such failures to philanthropy, emphasizing the incredible impact athletes have on communities worldwide.

Athletesgive.com provides fans and sponsors information on athlete events and programs in or close to their hometowns and in desired locations so they can prioritize and maximize their charitable involvement and contributions. Sponsoring and supporting athlete events is the ultimate “win-win” - the event raises more money for charity and fans/sponsors who attend gain access to and potentially develop relationships with athletes in a fun, intimate and relaxed atmosphere normally not obtainable. Almost universally, especially with sponsors, athlete access and the opportunity to create life-long memories is directly proportional to the financial contribution extended – the greater the contribution (ie. in the form of a title, presenting or high level sponsorship or VIP package), the greater the access/opportunity.

Thankfully, the athlete community service landscape is crowded. There's competition for local and national support, time and sponsorship dollars. One of athletesgive.com's primary goals is to ensure that each athlete initiative does not become lost and go unrecognized - often, it is difficult to keep track of all the worthwhile events. The site aggregates events and programs in one convenient place so fans can choose which ones to attend and support and sponsors can strategically fund causes in geographic regions that are most beneficial to their existing and evolving grassroots and marketing plans.

The success and positive effect of athletesgive.com increases with each event submission form that is completed and posted on the site. Athletesgive.com encourages athlete representatives, sponsors and fans to submit all events and programs they know of in the USA and anywhere in the world. Let us all help the thousands of generous and socially conscious active and retired athletes, coaches and sportscasters worldwide who embrace and internalize the “give back” mentality by increasing awareness of and potential donations to their philanthropy projects.