Media Center seeks to show the 'good' side of sports

By Preston McClellan

As a former athlete agent, Jeff Deutsch got to know countless professional athletes over the years. Despite the mainstream media's narrative of negativity, bad publicity, and shocking stories of athletes doing 'bad' things, Jeff knew that the majority of athletes did exactly the opposite, choosing to be a force of 'good' in the community.

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Platform Established To Promote Athletes' Philanthropic Efforts

By Darren Heitner

Athletes are constantly chastised for their transgressions, yet hardly praised for actions performed that serve to advance their communities and those in need. South Florida-based Jeff Deutsch of Overtime Consulting, Inc. wants to alter the general perception of athletes by advancing their causes through the launch of a new website titled AthletesGive.

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Sports-centered website connects fans with charities

By Helen Wolt

High-profile athletes make headlines with their bad behavior. But the majority are making a positive impact in their communities. Delray Beach resident and attorney Jeff Deutsch wants to spread the word about athletes' accomplishments - and enable players and fans to do even more.

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Press Release - December 2, 2014


Free website aggregates events and programs athletes host, searchable by sport, state and country, with the goal of increasing overall awareness, participation, donations and sponsorship dollars.

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New Website Publicizes Athletes’ Charitable Endeavors

By Cameron Chung

Far too often, the stories we hear and articles we read about athletes are focused on their various wrongdoings. A new website, Athletes Give, is looking to change the conversation by promoting the thousands of philanthropic events being put on by athletes each year.

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